Radiko values flexible schedules, local community and helping our clients thrive and grow. We are currently looking for contractors for these positions.

PHP Developer

Radiko Software is looking to hire a PHP developer for project work, starting at 5-10 hours per week. We create marketing integration applications (and sometimes build websites) to help our clients grow.

We're hoping to find a PHP developer with solid technical abilities as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills. This position will work remotely, but ideally be available for regular meetings in Portland, Oregon and/or phone or video conferencing.

Technical Skills

  • Experience with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS is required
  • Ability to build a project with composer
  • Desired: experience with object oriented applications
  • Desired: experience with frameworks such as Symfony (version 3+)

Communication Skills

This position requires the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with Radiko team members.

To apply

Please submit a letter describing your interest in the position and your rate. Please highlight relevant experience and send us a resume or examples of your work to