Tinley Park Public Library

Tinley Park Public Library had a vision. Radiko had the expertise to see it through. After a design process involving weeks of user research, we implemented their design using Drupal panels, views and menus.

We needed a front page redesign that retained some elements from our previous Drupal templates and theme. All of Caleb's changes were based on a design that we submitted to him.

Caleb proposed using Panels to bypass the default page template on the front page. This also allows for adding additional and easily customizable landing pages going forward.

We now have a website that looks exactly how we wanted. We can now takes Caleb's foundational work and extend it for our own purposes. Caleb worked to eliminate many performance issues, and errors in our site. Overall the site is a lot more usable and mobile friendly. We really appreciate Caleb's ability to incorporate the design that we settled on based on our usability testing.

Sarah Schoeder & Graham Dostal, Tinley Park Public Library

Site features

  • Drupal 7
  • Fully responsive
  • Events imported from Evanced
  • Chat from Mosio